Our Mission

Unreal reaches out to people of lived experience of DPRD and their carers and families. We seek to raise awareness of DPRD, to provide support and to promote involvement through providing up to date information, signposting, networking, the sharing of experiences and by celebrating success.

Our Ambassadors

Our amazing ambassadors volunteer their time to support Unreal, helping us to reach more people and promoting our work more widely.



dodie is a 24 year old singer songwriter from Epping, who has built her growing fanbase independently and organically since she was 16.

Originally posting her music on YouTube, dodie has now released 3 EPs which have charted in the UK, US Billboard, and Australian album charts. Most notably her recent release the ‘Human’’ EP reached #5 in the UK Albums Chart at the beginning of 2019.


Professor Anthony David

Tony David was an honorary consultant at the Maudsley Hospital from 1990-2018 and Vice Dean for Academic Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London in 2013-8. He has been the director of the UCL Institute of Mental Health since 2018.

Professor David has a wide range of research interests including neuropsychiatry and neuroimaging. He started researching depersonalisation disorder (DP) in the 1990s and set up the Depersonalisation Research Unit at the Institute of Psychiatry and subsequently established the first NHS clinic for DP at the Maudsley Hospital. He has published many scientific articles on the topic and co-authored a self-help book “Overcoming depersonalisation and feelings of unreality”.

Professor David is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Academy of Medical Sciences.  He is a member of the Experimental Psychology Society and a founder member of both the British Neuropsychological Society and British Neuropsychiatry Association.